Innovative community-based method to empower inhabitants in envisioning their future equitable neighbourhoods



JUSThood is an innovative method that empowers inhabitants to envision the design of their neighbourhoods in equitable way. Based on a design-driven approach, JUSThood method is positioned at the intersection of three topics – masterplanning, spatial equity and participatory futures.

JUSThood – uncovering local knowledge and mapping visions of equitable neighbourhood with participatory futures.

JUSThood method offers diverse insights of local residents to inform the work of professionals, helps inhabitants to expand their imagination and find their desires about their neighbourhoods, raise awareness about different users and develop empathy for them, and become conscious about the spatial surroundings beyond their private home units.

main pillars of JUSThood methodology


Cooperation with community leaders

In the first phase, we work with community leaders to diagnose the neighbourhood area. In addition, the JUSThood mentor introduces the concept of spatial equity and importance of masterplanning. The goal is to leverage on and enhance the role of community leaders in the neighbourhoods.


Participatory futures workshops with residents

In the second phase, we conduct a participatory workshop with residents. The workshop methodology is based on design-driven approach and is conducted in the form of the game. The goal of the workshop is to create future scenarios of the neighbourhood based on the What-If questions, Persona and Urban Design cards.


Developing masterplans

In the third phase, the input of residents from the workshops is translated and developed into master plans. The goal is to democratise and make masterplans more accessible and visible to inhabitants.

JUSThood cards

What-if cards

Persona cards
Urban Design cards

sets for different spaces

Set for schools

School environments have to be designed with children as its primary stakeholder. JUSThood helps kids to get the spatial understanding of their school environment, identify their needs and aspirations, and translate it into actionable improvements. 

Set for
work spaces

Working spaces need to accommodate the needs of all. Favorable working environment leads to high performance, as well friendly, healthy and welcoming milieu at the work place.

Set for
urban spaces

Urban space is inhabited by the people of all gender, age, background. JUSThood helps to identify the needs of different users, map and plan interventions. We work with different urban scales: 

  1. Street
  2. Public space
  3. Business plazas
  4. Neighborhood
  5. District

Do you have an idea?

Do you have an idea or the need where JUSThood method can be applied? Write to us and we will develop a customizable approach for your space.

    our expertise covers three broad areas in the built environment


    We use master plans as a medium for collaboration. We create small-scale (neighborhood, square, street-based) and flexible master plans to bring a bottom-up approach by democratising masterplanning process.


    We work towards changing the urban design principles based on spatial equity. Historically, the design of cities and products was informed by and responded to the standard of man. In addition, we call for moving away from the dominant human-centered approach and integrate non-human perspectives.


    We work with participatory futures approach that stands at the intersection of public engagement and future studies. The goal is to devise the course of future development of the urban area and community’s life by exploring the number of possible futures in a creative way. Participatory futures is used to help people diagnose problematic issues, analyse opportunities and develop collective images of the futures they want. 

    our services


    We organize and conduct workshops for communities.


    We train community leaders, local municipalities, urban designers and planners in the JUSThood method and its implementation.


    We conduct lectures for academic and non-academic institutions on the topics of Spatial Equity, Participatory Futures and Masterplanning process.


    We provide mentorship to community leaders of the neighborhoods.

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